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Location Location Location

It is always lovely to have our products featured on TV programmes, but even more so when we aren't expecting it! Printed Space Director, Michelle, was sat watching one of her favourite programmes - Location Location Location, when Kirstie Allsop walks into the lounge of a lovely little house in Maidstone with the prospective buyers. They all look straight at the tree wall mural - as did Michelle, as Printed Space produced it for the owner of the house the year before! "It really took me by suprise!" Michelle said. "I remember doing the artwork well as the customer was very particular about how the tree should be positioned under the stairs".

We were really pleased to hear that the couple viewing the property loved the photographic mural and they had actually been thinking of putting a similar style wallpaper up anyway - great news, as murals are often quite a personalised statement in your home.

If you would like something similar, simply email Printed Space your wall measurements and we will email you back with some suggestions.

See the full show here : http://www.channel4.com/programmes/location-location-location/4od#3079743

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