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Floorink is unique. The world's first luxury,
commercially viable, printed vinyl flooring.

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The possibilities are endless. Create unique spaces
with unlimited design, size & layout combinations.

  • Palau de la Virreina Tiled Floor.

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    An idea can start anywhere. Take this seriously cool tiled floor at Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona. We think this would make an amzing hallway or corrider Floorink design.

    Inspirational Palau de la Virreina
    Palau de la Virreina Floorink
  • The Shard

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    Event Communications designed this 'Grafitti London Map' for The Shard London. The project pushed the boundaries. The challenge was to take the intricate design, layout and colour scheme and deliver absolute precision.

    The Shard London 'Grafitti Map'.
    Level 33 of the Shard
  • Wait and See - Milan

    Explore different styles

    Uberta Zambeletta wanted to create a simply unique space for her Milan based fashion boutique. A fusion of traditional wood and retro reclaimed tile, and funky graphics brought together by Floorink.

    Wait and See
    Uberta Zambeletta

Whatever your style is, we're sure we'll find
a Floorink Creative perfect for your project!

Melanie Porter
Melanie Porter Message

Melanie Porter "I didn't honestly think it was possible. A knitted wool floor, so glad I don't need to invest in bigger needles".

Gaby likes Floorink

Gaby Gaby Follower "Squiggles by Gaby Gaby is one of the coolest floors ive ever seen".

Gaby Zwaan
Uberta Zameletti
Uberta Zameletti Message

Uberta Zambeletti A simply amazing product that allows me to offer something completely unique to my clients.

Floorink has arrived. The question
is what will you create...

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